Growing Hope Kickstarter Campaign

Help support Growing Hope meet their kickstarter goal of $20k by April 22!

Every little bit will help us achieve supporting low-no income families install gardens at their home and purchase a new bio-diesel delivery truck that will be fueled by recycled vegetable oil!

For nearly ten years, Growing Hope has been helping people improve their lives and communities through improved access to fresh fruits and veggies. From after-school nutrition & garden programs to training people for community garden leadership to managing an urban farmers market, Growing Hope is always formulating new ways to inspire, educate, and empower communities– starting in our home in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and radiating out from there.

For the past four years, we’ve installed 170 above-ground, raised-bed vegetable gardens with low and no-income families at their homes, enabling people with limited financial means to grow fresh produce. This year, for the first time ever, we will be offering similar garden installation services for pay available to the general public, as well as a selection of garden-goods from seedlings to raised bed kits and more. This kickstarter project will will allow us to make a fundamental shift in how we and most nonprofits run, by generating sustainable revenue to help our community grow, without being dependent on sources like grants.

Testimonials from our Raised Bed Participants:

-“It was emotionally uplifting and the fresh vegetables tasted great.”

-“My husband passed away nearly one year ago. He was the main provider as I have been on disability for 20 years. After he passed on, our income was cut by 2/3…this program was a godsend. It helped me get my mind off things during a difficult time in life. It was my first time gardening and I love it.”

-“I am so happy about my Raised Bed Garden because, without it in the past, I had to do without healthy foods.”

-“This was my first year. I enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to do it a second year.”

-“My garden was planted and everything in it was grown for my mom. She loved the fresh fruits and vegetables. Thank you for giving me the resources to have a garden in my yard. It was amazing to watch it grow and change throughout the season.”

-“…regular, ongoing development and activity-enjoyment as a hobby for me; an additional fun food source for my mom & me; beginnings of loose networkings with other neighbors with similar interests; my mom enjoys the presence and ‘feel’ of the garden; something out of the house for me to do; and personal cultivation, development and growth.”

-One participant claimed that the program had, quite literally, saved her life. She was severely anemic and deficient in some vitamins and minerals at the start of the program, which was having a detrimental impact on her asthma. Though her doctor continued to treat her asthma, it had gotten worse and was at the point where it was life-threatening. She started adding more fresh produce to her diet, particularly greens—some from her own raised bed garden, and also from other sources like the farmer’s market. As her overall health began to improve, she continued to consume more produce—after a few months of this diet, her iron levels were almost normal and she was having much less trouble with her asthma.

-Another participant commented on how gardening was much less work than she thought it was going to be, and that when it came to taste, her home-grown tomatoes were far superior to those sold at the grocery store.


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