End of MOOC and Digital Artefact

Hello Germ Blog and classmates!

I have severely ignored our WordPress interface as of late and am happy to share that our MOOC experience is over…for now. I’m not ecstatic about it being over, but I’m all that sad to see it go. Essentially, my opinion hasn’t changed about our online experience within and online experience.

A 5 week course is a bit intense with the thousands of people involved. However, I was able to shut out much of the clutter and focus on my more personal and individual educational experience…as personal as it can be, I suppose.

So, what is a digital artefact? I think it is essentially an amalgam of all things digital that encompasses our various human senses and appeals to our emotions, thoughts, ideas, and how we view the world.

I wasn’t necessarily sure, as with most of the projects, how it was going to develop, what the final outcome would look like, and what message I was trying to get across. So, I tinkered around with a few new programs and found Storify to be the most appealing. Although, I wanted to do something that encompassed the ultimate multi-modal experience, I found that, once again, my imagination was limited by my lack of skills.

The one thing I was certain about was the content I wanted to draw from. I was particularly, as many, intrigued by the humanity/transhumanist aspect/debate of the course and focused on Lowell Monke’s essay, “The Human Touch”. I found his article to be a good balance between technology, learning, what it means to be human, as well as, a little poetic at times. It was a refreshing academic read, in that it was not bogged down in jargony things and used examples of various real-life experiences relatable to most people.

I think that’s key, not just in online learning, but in all learning, academic or not. I hate to quote Maya Angelou, but I’m going to, “People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” It’s certainly true for me and if it’s not for you than maybe you are a cyborg from one of the course videos! Those words demonstrate the power of human connection and the need to feel loved and a part of something.

In any case, here is a link to my digital artefact and hope it makes sense!



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