Monthly Archives: February 2013

End of MOOC and Digital Artefact

Hello Germ Blog and classmates! I have severely ignored our WordPress interface as of late and am happy to share that our MOOC experience is over…for now. I’m not ecstatic about it being over, but I’m all that sad to see it go. Essentially, my opinion hasn’t changed about our online experience within and online […]

Feeling less lost and reconnected to my “humanity”

Steven Fuller is my kind of kin with his humanity 2.0 theory. Don’t know who I’m talking about, well he’s this guy. He proposes that we, humanity, by believing our “humaneness” as a moral value, continue social stratification and create an even larger divide of resources between the top and bottom of our economic pyramid.

Digitally Wrapping My Head Around MOOC’S

Okay, so I think I’m getting the hang of this and trying to utilize my social media outlets as a way of feeling less lost in a infinite array of binaries. It’s good to know that other students in various countries also share the same sentiments. Here are a few examples from Twitter I found […]

Coursera Crash

A little technical glitch at Coursera … not so much. … and some advice on, “How NOT to Design a MOOC.”

Shameless Plug!

Love fresh, homegrown vegetables, but don’t have anywhere to grow in Ypsilanti?  Look no further!  EMU has a student run community garden called, The Giving Garden, that needs YOU! Go to The Giving Garden website for more information.